Circle C Wheel Rake Aerial

Frank Anderson


Circle C Equipment's hay rake is the best I have used. One of the most impressive features of this hay rake is its user-friendly design. Once you reach the field, all you need to do is push the button, and the rake springs into action. There's no extensive setup required, which can save a considerable amount of time and effort.

In terms of performance, the hay rake does an excellent job. With so many wheels, it outperforms other rakes I have used. Given that we have a 16-foot cut on the swather and require the maximum width possible, this rake meets our needs perfectly.

RA Anderson Hay & Cattle - Klamath Falls, OR 

 Circle C AE Wheel Rake

Lee Sukraw

Sukraw Farms has been using Circle C's hay rakes for a number of years. They are by far the best we've used. The setup process is easy. And once they're set up, you don't have to worry about them. They are incredibly fast and reliable. We've talked so highly about them that a neighboring farm has even purchased a few for their own use. I look forward to continuing to use them and working with Mel. 

Sukraw Farms - Klamath Falls, OR 

Michael and Maribell Murray

Michael (Andy) & Maribell Murray

Circle C Equipment's hay rakes and conditioners have been a total game-changer for our hay production! We used to struggle with mold and mildew due to weather conditions while waiting for the windrows (hay) to dry. It could take two weeks when drying with other conditioners.

But since we started using Circle C's equipment, we can get our hay, triticale, sudangrass, and pasture grass cut, raked, baled, and stacked in just four days (sometimes even three). If the weather is hot and breezy, we may even rake the same day we cut. Our customers love the quality of our hay because of the rakes and conditioners we use.  

Even after months of storage in the barn or tarped, our hay is still perfectly green and soft when cut from the bales. The hay rakes are super gentle on the crop, so we don't lose any leaves even in dry conditions. And the animals love it. They utilize the feed well, with no stems or leaves left behind! 

We've been in the hay business for 25-plus years, and let me tell you, if we had known about Circle C Equipment's hay rakes and conditioners earlier, we'd be way ahead of the game. Mel has been absolutely fantastic. He has the best customer service we've ever had and knows his product very well. We've never experienced such great service before. We are extremely happy with the equipment and service we get from Circle C Equipment. Thank you! 

Murray Farms LLC – Caldwell, Idaho 

Hay Rake 2
Tony Zilar

Neil Kendricks


We love the people at Circle C. They treat us like family. They have really taken care of us, and that is what sets them apart.

They always make sure you get the right part as quickly as they can.


What stands out to me about their rakes is that they’re easy to operate. Just a couple of toggle switches, and you’re good to go.

I get better leaf retention, more tonnage, and higher prices with my hay using the Circle C rake.

The teeth don’t actually touch the ground, so I get a cleaner hay. With no twisting and tangling, it’s a lot easier on my balers.

We love their rakes. They work really well.

Bale Stackers

Circle C’s bale stackers are worth their weight in gold.

The Circle C bale stacker cuts my labor costs considerably. I can stack a whole pivot with one guy in two-to-three hours, and my neighbors take two-to-three days doing it with three-to-four guys.

I am able to stack 12 bales — six high — with one guy and a truck.

Circle C’s bale stackers are in a class of their own. After being picked up, the bales are in perfect condition. You can’t tell they’ve been handled.

Our guy in the bale stacker just presses a button, and it’s on to the next bale.

Bale Stacker 3

Kipp Curtis


The people at Circle C are honest and hardworking. What I like about Circle C is that they are always open to the ideas of their customers and are willing to make engineering modifications.


Circle C rakes are softer on hay. They create clean, airy windrows with good leaf retention. I like the Circle C hay rake’s simplicity and rugged design and that it’s easy to operate.

Bale Stacker

Because other brands of self-propelled stackers move bales directly over the engine, there is significant fire danger when stacking dry material. Circle C’s design eliminates that problem. Overall, I believe it’s a better design.

Hay Rake Rows

Courtney Calaway


The Circle C rake is pretty slick. I can have people with varying degrees of experience on the rake. Because of the rake’s simplicity, with a little bit of instruction, they can easily understand how to use its controls and are able to make manual adjustments precisely and quickly.

We bought one rake a couple of years ago, and my employees run it. After I ran it and I saw how well it performed last year, I bought five more.

Hay Conditioning

Tony Zilar


Some of the finest customer service I have ever experienced in the farm equipment industry.
I like Circle C because they are always adapting. They listen to their customers’ feedback and are constantly looking at how they can improve their equipment.

Super Conditioner

The Circle C Super Conditioner worked the best for me. It crushes the entire stem so that my hay dries evenly and faster. The impact of drying was immediate and significant. I was able to harvest my hay three days quicker.

I can adjust the roller settings according to what I’m cutting. The pattern in the rubber allows for full contact with the stem.

Because of Circle C, I am able to harvest a quality, more palatable hay and maximize my yield.


I get a very clean windrow with my two rakes. Circle C rakes work without the teeth contacting the ground, and I get little ash and no twisting.

There is no comparison in value. I would have had to spend up to $10,000 more for a hydraulic rake.

Circle C rakes are built strong to handle any terrain.

One of the best features is their portability. Most the time, I use it behind my pickup truck. It saves me a lot of time.

Pivot Wheel

Bill Bergin


The people at Circle C know what they’re talking about and were kind and cooperative. We appreciate all they did for us.

Irrigation Pivot Wheel

I like them because they’re designed for traction, they don’t leave deep ruts, and they don’t go flat.

Bale Stacker Side 2

Frank Biggs


My only problem with Circle C is that they keep making their products better, and I keep wanting the latest thing.

They are very good at learning the needs of their customers and fixing what needs to be improved.

Hay Rake

Their rakes are user friendly, are very easy to operate, and they don’t pick up rocks.

When conditions are right, I can run my rake at 12-15 miles-per-hour perfectly.

I have two operations, 40 miles apart. With their rake, I can just pull the pins and collapse the rake, lock it into place, and pull it down the highway at 65-miles-per-hour behind my pickup. It’s really simple.

Bale Stacker

The people at Circle C are super knowledgeable. If I have a question about my bale stacker, I call them up sometimes at odd hours, and they always respond. They have always taken care of me.

I even took back one of their first-generation bale stackers that was still running, and they refurbished the truck and installed a new computer system.

Hay Rake 1

Matt Morrell

Hay Rake

I first met the Circle C people at a Farm Expo. They brought me a rake to demo, and I liked it. In the years since, I’ve bought five rakes in total.

I had a field with irrigation pipe sticking out of the ground so I could use a standard rake. I discussed the problem with Circle C, and they built a custom, 16-foot rake especially for me that clears the pipes. Now I can harvest that field.

Between all my fields, I travel 350 miles. I couldn’t possibly use tractors to farm them all. The fact that I can tow the rakes at 65-miles-per-hour and then harvest my hay behind the truck is a huge time savings.

Circle C rakes are much better than basket rakes. They give me clean hay with very little leaf fall off and ash. The hay that I harvest does well in my forage tests and is high in protein. I get good feed value.

My maintenance costs are almost next to nothing. Depth bands and tines will wear eventually, so I can replace all at the same time.

Their rakes require little maintenance. They are the easiest to run, are the best performing and have the lowest cost I’ve ever run.

Bale Stacker Side 1

Ed Taliaferro

Bale Stacker

My old stacker kept overheating, and I had to always be cleaning out the radiator because of all the hay and dust from grabbing the bales from the front. With the Circle C stacker, that doesn’t happen because it picks up my 3’x3’ bales from the side. It is a much better system.

The computer system works really well. They came out to my farm and showed us how to work it — you just press a button and put it in cycle. There is not a lot of room for error because it’s pretty much all automated, and it keeps count of how many bales you’ve loaded. That’s really helpful.

Irrigation Pivot Wheel

My old wheels would bury themselves in the mud, and that would shut down my whole irrigation tower. I would have to go out there to get it unstuck. The new wheels don’t get stuck except when they run into a big bog hole. The reason they don’t generally get stuck is because the channel iron that makes up the wheel clean-out as they rotate is always grabbing a piece of earth.

My farm has lots of different soil conditions, and the irrigation wheels do pretty well on all of them.

Cody Dean

Cody Dean


“I’ve stacked about 12,000 bales in the last 3 years. American Eagle Stacker is definitely a lot more efficient than anyone I’ve already ran. I’ve ran a couple of different brands but the American Eagle stacker seems a lot more efficient. The computer system works really good. You pick them up from the side instead of going straight on them.

The service has been awesome. It’s been great. They are really fast. If anything does happen, they can overnight you and actually they brought stuff up for us on Sundays quite a few times.”


Bard Wishard

Bard Wishard


“They’ve also improved all of the welding and all of the gussets, making them a very much tougher product then they were originally. They hold up a lot better in the field and basically you send them with a grease gun in the truck and they do a good job.”

Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin


“I really enjoy the stacker. It’s fast and gets bales off the field in a timely manner. The stacker is simple to use. It’s very reliable.

Service has been great with Circle C. Every time I’ve had a problem, they've been right there on top of it.

We plan to continue to use the American Eagle Bale Stacker. It has just been a great machine for us and I think we have a couple of hundred thousand bales on it.”

Jeff Green

Jeff Green


“The best part about it is that it is really simple. There is just a few moving parts. All of the bearings are sealed so there is nothing to grease.

It is really quick and simple to set up. Minimal hydraulics. You just turn them on when you want to move something and then you can turn them off so you are not constantly flowing hydraulics through your tractor. It is a lot less wear and tear on your equipment.

I rake a really clean field, there is no doubt about that. For alfalfa it flips it a lot gentler than a hydraulic rake would.”

Mike Melder

Mike Melder


“You’ll have more down time on a hydraulic rake than you’ll have on this thing. This thing is designed very efficient and have very few wearing parts. It will stay with you a lot longer than a hydraulic driven piece of equipment.”

Rich Browlee

Rich Brownlee


“Their service is great and the company has been outstanding and then the quality. Their rollers take a beating. I’ve had rocks between the auger and the roller, I pull that rock out of there and there might be just a little cut. If I had an old style roller there would be a big chunk out of it and it would be down to the steel.”

Wells Bartsma

Well Bartsma


“The maintenance on them are next to nothing. They are simple to operate”

Steve Walker

Steve Walker


“I recommend Circle C products. They’ve been good for us. They’ve done an overwhelmingly good job. Every time I go to use them, I think, 'why I didn’t get these things sooner?'. They are just great to use. Really easy; I’d recommend them.”

J.R. Weidaman


“The biggest advantage to the Circle C Irrigation Wheel is that it saves me time and it is more efficient. Using the wheels allows us to harvest our 65-acre field of alfalfa lengthwise instead of going in circles. This allows me to save one and a half hours in cutting, raking and baling.”

“Cutting my alfalfa field lengthwise allows the swath of hay furrows to lay in one direction. This provides for more even drying of the hay.”

Chad Lang


“We purchased our conditioner in the late ‘90s, and after 20 years, we’ve had no problems with it. Just normal wear and tear. I am very satisfied with it. It has paid for itself multiple times over.”

“We harvest 30,000 bales a year and sell our alfalfa, grass, and hay to the local Front Range Colorado market. The conditioner has worked well and has cut our drying time by half.”