Circle C Equipment Builds
Money-Making Machines


Big Bale Stackers
Equipment Flourish Right
  • Stacks 8 - 4’x4’ bales, 12 - 3’x4’ bales, or 18 - 3’x3’ bales using one truck ­ 
  • Automatic bale sideloading 
  • One-touch, computer-operated bale pick-up 
  • Easy-to-use onboard computer 
  • Remote computer maintenance support system  


Equipment Flourish Left
  • Durable rubber composition for long life  
  • Full-contact, proprietary spiral-roll pattern  
  • May be fully reconditioned 
  • Full-stem crush for faster-drying hay 
  • Produces greener, sweeter, softer and more palatable hay 


Equipment Hat Rakes
Equipment Flourish Right
     Hay Rakes
  • Exclusive depth band technology 
  • 18-spoke heavy-duty wheels 
  • Independent, flexible frame 
  • Able to be towed behind pickup at highway speeds 
  • Significantly decreases fuel expenses, labor time, and maintenance costs 


Equipment Flourish Left
  • Clean, strip, and repair roll from any manufacturer 
  • Apply new rubber and balance existing roll 
  • Latest roll pattern is always applied  
  • Quick turnaround 
  • Freight costs are always included 
Hay Conditioning


Equipment Irrigation Pivot Wheel
Equipment Flourish Right
  • No more flat tires 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction 
  • Leave mud and dirt on the track 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Maximum flotation 

The Industries Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We build the best equipment in hay farming. 

Farm Equipment Hay Rakes

The Golden Eagle Wheel Rake saves you money by reducing the number of swaths from three to one or two windrows. This also decreases the amount of fuel and the amount of time it takes to finish the job. In the end, the Golden Eagle Wheel Rake makes you money by using 1/3 less fuel, expending 1/3 less labor and time, and reducing maintenance costs by 2/3.

Real World
It takes a farmer to know a farmer. 

Hay Bale Stacker

Circle C Equipment's origin story started in farming and remains to this day. When we say "Reliable Farmboy Engineering," we understand farmers because we've been there and know your challenges. All the hay farming equipment we have for sale is designed to solve real-world problems and make your life easier, not to mention more efficient and profitable. 

Our goal is to sell quality equipment, not parts.

Circle C Farmer

At Circle C Equipment, we like things that do not break. When things break, they cost money, not to mention time and anguish. We prioritize low maintenance by designing our equipment using timesaving, no-grease technology.