Hay Roll Reconditioning

In addition to hay roll conditioning and resurfacing, Circle C offers replacement hay conditioner rollers.
Circle C can also clean strip and apply new rubber to any other manufacturer's roll.


Better Than New Recovered Conditioner Rolls
  • Resurface all manufacturers' rubber and steel conditioning rolls
  • Strip, clean, repair, and fully re-rubber
  • Newest enhanced full contact roll pattern applied
  • Balance existing factory conditioner rolls
  • Enhances the ability for roll to run at full contact  
  • Two-way freight is always included in quote
  • Approximate 3-week turnaround
Hay Roll Conditioner Recovery
Old, Cracked Rolls Give You Diminishing Returns.


Meshed Conditioner Rolls
Refurbed Rolls That Perform Better Than New
  • Increases the life of old roll
  • Highest quality rubber composition
  • Newest enhanced roll pattern applied 
  • produces faster drying, higher quality hay 

Conditioned Hay
Better Hay Gets A Better Price
  • Complete stem crush
  • Faster drying hay
  • Produces more palatable, softer, greener hay

Hay Conditioner Roll Ends
Quality Begins with Our Core
  • High quality reconditioning process
  • Rolls far more durable against rocks, stones and debris
  • Faster conditioning and a better final product

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