How to Choose a Hay Rake Manufacturer

Choosing the right hay rake manufacturer is crucial for optimal hay production. Circle C Equipment stands out as a leading name among hay farming equipment manufacturers, particularly in the realm of wheel rakes. Here's how we excel in key areas:

  • Innovation and Technology: As a pioneering hay rake manufacturer, Circle C Equipment leads with innovation. Our Golden Eagle Wheel Rake showcases advanced technology, including unique depth band technology.
  • Product Range: Understanding the varied needs of fields, we offer an extensive range of wheel rakes. This diversity ensures that we cater to all types of hay and field sizes.
  • Durability and Quality: Durability is key in our product design. Our wheel rakes are built for longevity, featuring robust construction and innovative no-grease technology. 
  • Customer Support and Service: Our relationship with customers extends beyond the sale. We provide exceptional after-sales support, a hallmark of a reliable farming equipment manufacturer, ensuring our customers have access to parts, maintenance support, and expert advice.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Customer testimonials and reviews reflect our dedication to quality and satisfaction in the realm of wheel rakes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We balance quality with affordability, making our wheel rakes a cost-effective choice. Our pricing strategy ensures that you receive the best value. 

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a hay rake that meets your specific needs and enhances your hay production process.

Exploring Different Types of Hay Rakes

From small to large hay rakes, Circle C offers a variety of sizes to suit different types of hay and fields. As leading hay farming equipment manufacturers, our Golden Eagle Wheel Rake sets us apart from the competition.

It differs from other types of hay rakes such as standard basket rakes or round rakes due to the degree of control.

A number of innovations make our wheel rakes stand out, including state-of-the-art depth band technology. This technology helps keep your hay free of dirt and debris, increasing its value and preserving the life of your tines. This allows your hay to stay free of dirt, rocks and debris, thus increasing the hay's value and preserving tine life.

The Golden Eagle Hay Rake - A Revolution in Wheel Rakes
  • 16, 18, 24 & 30 wheel models available
     # of Wheels Raking Width
  • Exclusive depth bands keep tines from penetrating soil. Virtually no dirt or rocks in hay.
  • 18-spoke heavy-duty wheels with UHMW facing-skin
  • Heavy-duty spring flotation
  • Wheel dampening system
  • Single-point wheel float control
  • 18 double rubber-mounted tines
  • Easy setup/savable field settings
  • No-grease technology extends life of components
  • Competitively priced
  • Superior turn radius
  • Flexible, independent frame absorbs without cracking
  • Breakaway crank arm minimizes damage from field impact
  • Fold-up frame can be towed behind pickup at highway speeds
  • Optional hydraulic pump package and other accessories available
Circle C Equipment Hay Rake
Golden Eagle Wheel Hay Rake
The Best Hay Rake Means the Best Hay


Wheel Rake Depth Bands
Depth Bands
  • Keeps tines from penetrating soil
  • Virtually no dirt or rocks in hay
  • Extends life of components

CircleC Best Hay Rake Truck
Fold-up Design & Telescoping Hitch
  • Collapsible fold-up design
  • Easy transport from field to field
  • Tow rakes at highway speeds
  • Tow behind a pickup or tractor

Hay and Windrow
Superior Quality Hay
  • Hollow windrows mean less drying time
  • Quicker cycle time improve production and efficiency
  • Perfect moisture means better, more nutritious hay 

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