Gen3 Super Hay Conditioner

The Circle C Hay Conditioner's complete stem crush allows for a faster drying time, which enables farmers to turn their fields faster and sell product for better prices at market. 

We offer the best hay conditioner rolls that are durable against rocks, stones, and debris and can be fully reconditioned if needed. 

Our Gen3 Super Hay Conditioner is designed with a stronger, longer-lasting, more efficient roll. It is also intended to reduce the dust in the hay, making it safer for livestock to consume. 

Circle C's hay roller is perfect for farmers looking to maximize their production and increase profits. It easily handles any type of crop, and its strong rollers can handle rough terrain and rocky conditions. It can also be adjusted for different crops and moisture levels. 


The Gen3 Super Conditioner
The Difference is in the Rubber
  • Long life and durability  
  • Highest-quality rubber composition 
  • Enhanced hay roll pattern 
  • High-quality core construction 
  • Replaceable, removable shafts harmonically balanced for smooth, high-speed operation 
  • Airbag tension system  
  • Consistent, worry-free linear pressure 
  • Fully able to be reconditioned 
  • Complete full-stem crush conditioning 
  • Faster drying hay 
  • Produces more palatable, softer, greener hay 
Best Hay Conditioner Rolls With Airbags
A Hay Conditioner that Stands Up to the Most Challenging Conditions. 


Meshed Conditioner Rolls
Proven Engineering for Lasting Performance 

Our rolls are built with durable, high-quality rubber and expertly engineered patterns for optimal conditioning and a long lifespan. 

Conditioned Hay
Faster Drying, Higher Quality Hay

Our rolls deliver a complete stem crush for significantly faster drying times, better leaf retention, and softer, greener, more palatable hay. 

Hay Conditioner Roll Ends
Built to Handle the Toughest Conditions 

Don't let harsh terrain damage your equipment. Our rolls are rigorously reconditioned and designed to withstand rocks, stones, and debris. 

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