Irrigation Pivot Wheels

Navigating the challenges of irrigation becomes significantly easier with Circle C’s innovative Irrigation Pivot Wheels. Designed with the farmer’s needs in mind, our pivot wheels ensure your irrigation system stays rut-free and operates seamlessly for years.


Driven by Feedback, Crafted for Excellence

Our commitment to innovation is deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the challenges our customers face. The creation of our irrigation pivot wheel is a testament to our dedication to listening and responding to the needs of the farming community.


Why Choose Circle C’s Pivot Wheels? 

  • Durable: Unlike conventional pivot wheels, Circle C’s steel pivot wheels are built to last, ensuring they don’t get stuck in ruts.   
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease, our pivot wheels require minimum upkeep.  
  • Efficient: Ensure your irrigation system works at its best, without interruptions. 



Key Features:
  • Heavy-duty construction for longevity 
  • Protective polyurethane coating to withstand the elements  
  • Say goodbye to flat tires  
  • Designed to leave dirt and mud in the track  
  • Maintenance-free for peace of mind  
  • Maximum flotation for optimal performance  
  • Field-proven design trusted by experts  
  • Engineered for an extended lifespan  
  • Optimized weight-to-strength ratio for stability 
Irrigation Pivot Wheel
Irrigation Pivot Wheel in Field
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Circle C Equipment Irrigation Pivot Wheel Brochure

Learn about the features that make our Irrigation Pivot Wheels the #1 choice of commercial hay farmers and custom operators.