Hay Baling Equipment

Transform your haymaking with the Circle C Hay Bale Stacker.  

Eliminate back-breaking manual stacking and save time, labor, and costs. This versatile bale stacker seamlessly mounts to most trucks, giving you powerful baling equipment. 

Effortlessly automate the loading and stacking of large square bales – handle up to 18 3x3 bales or adjust for other sizes – all with intuitive one-touch controls. The adjustable robotic arm streamlines your operation for effortless bale management. Securely handle bales on any terrain with the heavy-duty hydraulic grapple.  

Experience the Circle C difference with durable construction, legendary reliability, and lasting value. 

Why the American Eagle Baling Equipment Stands Out


Automatic Loading and Stacking: One-touch operation simplifies even the biggest jobs. 

Adaptable: Handles multiple bale sizes (8) 4x4, (12) 3x4, or (18) 3x3. 

Safe and Efficient: Bale transport position eliminates the need to pass hay over the truck's cab. 


The American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
  • Easy to drive and operate 
  • Over-built, stronger than it has to be 
  • Positive-action lift arm 
  • Street legal 
  • Two-cylinder 3000 psi bed lift telescoping bed for easy stacking 
  • Stacks 8 - 4'x4' bales, 12 - 3'x4' bales, or 18 - 3'x3' bales using one truck 
  • Loads up to 90 tons with one operator 
  • Retractable bale retrieving capacity with "sure grip" big bale claw 
  • Fully supported, positive-action lift arm 
  • Hay bales are trapped and squared before being picked up 
  • Inline, automatic bale sideloading 
  • Easily builds a straight, tight stack 
  • One-touch, programmable controller for automated bale pick-up 
  • Easy-to-use, onboard computer 
  • Modem-supported computer maintenance system 
  • Superior value for commercial bale wagon stacking 
Circle C American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
Hay Farming Equipment that Saves You Money 


American Eagle Bale Claw
Automatic Bale Loading

Load more bales in less time with our automatic system. Designed for one-truck stacking, sideloading for safety and efficiency, and inline loading to keep your valuable hay bales organized and damage-free. 

Programmable Bale Stacker Controller
Easy to Use Computer System

Manage your stacking operation with our intuitive computer system. One-touch bale stacking makes operation easy, while our modem-supported maintenance system keeps you updated and supported. 

Circle C Superior Hay and Windrow
Versatility and Increased Efficiency at a Superior Value

Get your bales to market faster with speedy retrieval, slash labor costs with our efficient stacker design, and enjoy the flexibility of handling three different hay bale sizes – maximizing your profit potential. 

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Circle C Equipment American Eagle Bale Stacker Brochure

Learn about the features that make the American Eagle bale stackers the #1 choice of commercial hay farmers and custom operators.