Big Hay Bale Stackers

The Circle C Hay Bale Stacker is the ultimate farm equipment tool for farmers who harvest grasses for livestock.
Efficient and adaptable, Circle C's bale stackers are able to load and stack multiple sizes of bales automatically while in motion with a push of a button.


The American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
  • Easy to drive and operate
  • Over-built, stronger than it has to be
  • Positive-action lift arm
  • Street legal
  • Two-cylinder 3000 psi bed lift telescoping bed for easy stacking
  • Stacks 8 - 4'x4' bales, 12 - 3'x4' bales, or 18 - 3'x3' bales using one truck
  • Loads up to 90 tons with one operator
  • Retractable bale retrieving capacity with "sure grip" big bale claw
  • Fully supported, positive-action lift arm
  • Hay bales are trapped and squared before being picked up
  • Inline, automatic bale sideloading
  • Easily builds a straight, tight stack
  • One-touch, programmable controller for automated bale pick-up
  • Easy-to-use, onboard computer
  • Modem-supported computer maintenance system
  • Superior value for commercial bale stacking
Circle C American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
Big Hay Bale Stackers that Save You Money


American Eagle Bale Claw
Automatic Bale Loading
  • Stacks 8 - 4’x4’ bales, 12 - 3’x4’ bales, or 18 - 3’x3’ bales using one truck
  • Automatic bale sideloading
  • Inline bale loading from side 

Programmable Bale Stacker Controller
Easy to Use Computer System
  • Automated, one-touch computer operated bale pick-up
  • Modem-supported computer maintenance system
  • Always updated with the best technology 

Circle C Superior Hay and Windrow
Versatility and Increased Efficiency at a Superior Value
  • Quicker bale retrieval means faster delivery
  • Less labor cost due to efficiencies gained
  • Able to pack three size bales 

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Circle C Equipment American Eagle Bale Stacker Brochure

Learn about the features that make the American Eagle bale stackers the #1 choice of commercial hay farmers and custom operators.