Hay Equipment Built by Farmers for Farmers

Circle C Equipment’s origin story begins in its farming roots. Circle C Equipment was founded by Ivan Cook in 1997 in Hermiston, Oregon on a farm he had operated for 35 years. Over time, he came to pioneer the premium-grade alfalfa export trade in the northwestern United States. 

From Farming Challenges to Innovative Solutions 

Circle C Equipment emerged from Ivan Cook's years of hands-on farming experience. His inventions, derived out of necessity, showcased his deep understanding of the farming landscape. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by farmers, Ivan transformed his innovative solutions into groundbreaking equipment that addressed real-world farming problems. 

Circle C Wheel Rake

Continuing the Legacy

Circle C Equipment has never lost that connection with farmers in meeting their needs and challenges. Cook’s philosophy lives on to this day with son Greg Cook at the helm. Abiding by Circle C Equipment’s founding principles of building quality, advanced farm equipment made by farmers for farmers is not just a business; it’s a part of our culture. 

Empowering the Farming Community  

At Circle C Equipment, our mission is clear and unwavering. We are dedicated to helping farmers throughout the world help themselves by providing the industry with the latest in equipment and technology. Our firm aims to help farmers become profitable well into the next generation, ensuring that the legacy of farming continues to thrive.