Circle C Equipment builds the best value in Big Hay Bale Stackers

The American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
  • Easy to drive and operate
  • Over-built, stronger than it has to be
  • Positive-action lift arm
  • Street legal
  • Two-cylinder 3000 psi bed lift telescoping bed for easy stacking
  • Stacks 8 - 4'x4' bales, 12 - 3'x4' bales, or 18 - 3'x3' bales using one truck
  • Loads up to 90 tons with one operator
  • Retractable bale retrieving capacity with "sure grip" big bale claw
  • Fully supported, positive-action lift arm
  • Hay bales are trapped and squared before being picked up
  • Inline, automatic bale sideloading
  • Easily builds a straight, tight stack
  • One-touch, programmable controller for automated bale pick-up
  • Easy-to-use, onboard computer
  • Modem-supported computer maintenance system
  • Superior value for commercial bail stacking
Circle C American Eagle Big Bale Stacker
Big Hay Bale Stackers that Save You Money


American Eagle Bale Claw
Automatic Bale Loading
  • Stacks 8 - 4’x4’ bales, 12 - 3’x4’ bales, or 18 - 3’x3’ bales using one truck
  • Automatic bale sideloading
  • Inline bale loading from side 

Programmable Bale Stacker Controller
Easy to Use Computer System
  • Automated, one-touch computer operated bale pick-up
  • Modem-supported computer maintenance system
  • Always updated with the best technology 

Circle C Superior Hay and Windrow
Versatility and Increased Efficiency at a Superior Value
  • Quicker bale retrieval means faster delivery
  • Less labor cost due to efficiencies gained
  • Able to pack three size bales 

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Circle C Equipment American Eagle Bale Stacker Brochure

Learn about the features that make the American Eagle bale stackers the #1 choice of commercial hay farmers and custom operators.